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Top 5 Restaurants for a Valentines Gluten Free Meal

Top 5 Restaurants for a Valentines Gluten-Free Meal

Valentine’s day, a time of love and romance, when lovers the world over can enjoy a carefree evening of gazing into the eyes of each other over a romantic meal. That is unless you are a coeliac in which case part of your evening can be spent staring at a menu trying to detect what elements of a meal may contain gluten. Fortunately, since 13th December 2014 restaurants are legally obliged to provide allergy information on food sold unpackaged (the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation 1169/2011), however, that has only helped partly. Now instead of trying to use our […]

Redditch Beefeater Restaurant – Eating Out A Coeliacs Review

A Coeliacs Review of Redditch Beefeater Restaurant

Eating out is definitely the hardest part of being a coeliac. Whenever we go out for a meal or decide to have lunch out somewhere new I dread it. I can sometimes feel the panic rise up in me before we leave the house, especially if we are going out with others. I don’t worry about whether or not I will find something on the menu (there’s always the classic steak and chips – as long as I emphasise no battered onion rings or mushrooms), but I do worry about making the table seem like a group of complainers. I’ve […]

Gluten free fish and chips

Gluten-Free Fish and Chips, Peter’s Pan Fish Bar

After I was diagnosed as a coeliac in 2005 I quickly stopped missing the convenience (and tastiness) of fast food. Don’t get me wrong I was never an enormous purchaser of takeaways; MacDonald’s was nice but often left me feeling hungry half an hour later, and I always felt pizzas’ left me feeling bloated and stuffed more than the stuffed crust. Nicola and I would have the occasional Chinese or Indian takeaway (I loved Peshwari naan). However, the one thing I really missed was fish and chips. On holiday I was (and still am) really jealous when I see Nicola […]