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The Trials Of Eating In Restaurants

The Trials Of Eating In Restaurants On A Gluten-Free Diet

Eating out when you are on a restricted diet always has the potential for difficulty. Recently I was reminded of this when we went out for a late Sunday meal. As always we had spoken to the restaurant, in fact, it is one I have used before. Gravy is the usual problem for a traditional Sunday roast dinner. However, we were assured that the chef would produce a gluten-free version. So far I have yet to find any catering establishment that produces a gluten-free Yorkshire pudding. If you know of one please let us know so we can spread the […]

Top 5 Restaurants for a Valentines Gluten Free Meal

Top 5 Restaurants for a Valentines Gluten-Free Meal

Valentine’s day, a time of love and romance, when lovers the world over can enjoy a carefree evening of gazing into the eyes of each other over a romantic meal. That is unless you are a coeliac in which case part of your evening can be spent staring at a menu trying to detect what elements of a meal may contain gluten. Fortunately, since 13th December 2014 restaurants are legally obliged to provide allergy information on food sold unpackaged (the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation 1169/2011), however, that has only helped partly. Now instead of trying to use our […]

Redditch Beefeater Restaurant – Eating Out A Coeliacs Review

A Coeliacs Review of Redditch Beefeater Restaurant

Eating out is definitely the hardest part of being a coeliac. Whenever we go out for a meal or decide to have lunch out somewhere new I dread it. I can sometimes feel the panic rise up in me before we leave the house, especially if we are going out with others. I don’t worry about whether or not I will find something on the menu (there’s always the classic steak and chips – as long as I emphasise no battered onion rings or mushrooms), but I do worry about making the table seem like a group of complainers. I’ve […]


Knowledge and Understanding in the World of Gluten

This blog brings to the forefront of the mind a matter which many Coeliac’s must think about every time they eat out. How much do chef’s and waiters/waitresses actually know about cross-contamination of gluten and other allergens? The answer is probably – not much! You can’t blame the staff in situations like this, you have the blame the management for failing to understand the implications to the customers who have an allergy. In my recent blog, “No Cookie For You,” I briefly mention how the practice of consciously considering gluten is different than passively knowing facts about gluten consumption and […]